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The 50s Museum and Nostalgia café

2000 sqm museum with more than 100 vehicles!

In Tryde, just outside Tomelilla in southern Sweden, you find Nostalgia Café the 50s museum. It is a vivid museum where you will enter the classic 1950s enviroments and experience the classic hair dressers, general stores, shoemakers and lots of other things. You will get to see the toys, appliances and cars you, your parents or grand parents used. It is an amazing nostalgia experience for all ages.

The entrance fee is 90 SEK for adults, 45 SEK for children between 8-12 years and free for children under 8.

The museum is a private collection by Kaj Persson who started the collection in the 80s when the 50s where going out of style. Kaj, his brother Jan-Åke and their father Karl-Inge built the award winning custom car that you now can see in the museum and all the 50s gadgets became props in the dioramas. When the collection grew to big for the garage he bought and old chicken farm in Tryde. The chicken farm was cleaned and transformed into a 50s museum and café. Every year since then the museum has expanded and there is now over 2000 sqm of exhibition space.

In our café we sell sandwiches, cakes, coffee and, of course, Coca Cola in glass bottles. We have seating both indoors and outdoors. In our shop we sell model cars, retro stuff, Cobra-phones and lots of other memorabilia.

Every saturday and sunday in july we have Car meets with different themes. More info under Meets. On the largest meets there can be a few hundred cars in total.

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